Silvia Aguiar Santa Eugenia

Silvia Aguiar Santa Eugenia

Silvia Aguiar (Asturias, Spain - 1977) received her Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1999 with an award for academic achievement, and her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry in 2003. She completed a research fellowship (1999-2002) on the mechanisms of genotoxicity of antitumoral drugs. Silvia has been a Regulatory Affairs Manager for more than 10 years, working for different consultancy companies in Europe as a toxicologist and ecotoxicologist, and assisting the chemical industry in understanding their roles, obligations, and responsibilities under the European legislation. She has leveraged her experience into that of a speaker at conferences, business events, and training courses. Based on her expertise and experience, her latest project is the publication of a compilation of practical cases to illustrate the application of the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS).

Affiliations and Expertise

REACH Monitor, Barcelona, Spain

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Silvia Aguiar Santa Eugenia

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