Shona Mackie

Shona Mackie

Shona Mackie has a PhD from the University of Edinburgh, where she worked on a project developing a new method for interpreting cloud data from satellite imagery for assimilation into weather forecast models. After a period working on operational wind energy forecasting, she returned to academic research to work on the challenges of detecting volcanic ash in satellite data, and to look at methods for forecasting its evolution and transport. Shona has presented her work at international conferences and published in it in peer-reviewed journals and is an associate fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society and a former fellow of the American Meteorological Society. She convened a successful session at EGU 2014 focused on volcanic ash and is an editor of the special issue of the Annals of Geophysics that followed from that session.

Affiliations and Expertise

Postdoctoral Research Assistant, University of Bristol, UK