Shira Knafo

Shira Knafo

Shira Knafo is the head of the Molecular Cognition Laboratory and an Ikerbasque research professor at The University of the Basque Country (Biophysics Unit, Leioa). Her particular interests are in studying the molecular and synaptic mechanisms underlying learning and memory processes, cognitive malfunction and cognitive enhancement. Her experience in different scientific disciplines (medicine, animal behaviour, electrophysiology, molecular biology, morphology and imaging) allows her to adopt a multidisciplinary approach that is considered a great asset in modern neuroscience research. In 2012, she was awarded the Sieratzki Prize for Advances in Neuroscience (Tel-Aviv University) for her contributions in the field of cognitive neuroscience. In the same year, the Spanish National Research Council acknowledged her achievements in its annual tribute to its scientists. In 2013, the Spanish Ministry of Science awarded her an I3 certificate of excellence.

Affiliations and Expertise

The University of the Basque Country, Biophysics Unit, Leioa, Spain