Serge van Sint Jan


Serge van Sint Jan

Coauthor of one book chapter:G. Clapworthy, I. Belousov, A. Savenko, W. Sun, J. Tan, S. Van Sint Jan. Medical visualisation, biomechanics, figure animation and robot teleoperation: themes and links. IN: A. Leonardis, F. Solina, R. Bajcsy (eds), Confluence of Computer Vision & Computer Graphics, Kluwer Publishers, 2000More than twenty publications in peer-reviewed international journal. Several are currently being reviewed.Often present at conferences.Van Sint had the chance to gain experience during the last decade in all fields necessary to work on this multidisciplinary topic (i.e., anatomy, biomechanics, clinical problems, computer graphics). This experience allowed him to know the current limitations around motion analysis. He published several papers on these topics.First as Lecturer, then as Associate Professor in Anatomy, since 1990, he also developed knowledge about pedagogical techniques, including needs from students and the relevance of new visualization technologies in Education. The book is being written using this past experience. He was also supported by several colleagues around the world who have given their feedback.

Affiliations and Expertise

Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, University of Brussels, Belgium