Sangam Shrestha

Sangam Shrestha

Dr. Shrestha is an Associate Professor of Water Engineering and Management at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. He is also a Visiting Faculty of the University of Yamanashi, Japan, and Research Fellow of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), Japan. His research interests are within the field of hydrology and water resources including, climate change impact assessment and adaptation in the water sector, integrated water resources management and groundwater assessment and management. Dr. Shrestha has published several papers in peer-reviewed international journals and presented more than three dozen conference papers ranging from hydrological modelling to climate change impacts and adaptation in the water sector. His recent publications include “Climate Change and Water Resources” and “Kathmandu Valley Groundwater Outlook”. His present work responsibilities at AIT include delivering lectures at the postgraduate and undergraduate levels, supervising research to postgraduate students (Masers and Doctoral), and providing consulting services on water related issues to government and donor agencies and research institutions. He has conducted several projects relating to water resources management, climate change impacts, and adaptation with awards from International organisations such as APN, CIDA, EU, FAO, IFS, IGES, UNEP, UNESCO.

Affiliations and Expertise

Water Engineering and Management (WEM), School of Engineering and Technology (SET), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand