Sally Margaret Johnson

Sally Margaret Johnson

Sally Johnson has been a remote area nurse in Australia for 25yrs. She is nationally recognised as a leader in Primary Health Care and Cultural Safety. She worked on Nguiu, Normanton, Yarrabah and came out of the bush to help write the Cairns Health Worker Diploma Course. In Alice Springs she helped to develop and deliver a course built on the principles of Binang Goonj, which takes health professionals on a journey through which they discover more about themselves, and the theory of power against the background of Aboriginal experience. Sally was a foundation member of The Council of Remote Area Nurses of Australia (CRANA) an organization of which she was president for some years. She managed the CRANA Locum Relief Support Project in North Queensland, was a co-researcher in the Remote Area Nurse Competency Project, curriculum writer for the Remote Health Practice Program at the Centre for Remote Health in Alice Springs and represented CRANA on many working parties and projects. Committed to a partnership approach to remote primary health care Sally always led by example. She was infamous for stepping aside to leave the space for Aboriginal Health Worker colleagues to take the lead in the team. Sally was recognised for her contribution to Aboriginal health and her dedication to remote area nursing when she was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 1995. A Binang Goonj facilitator for many years, Sally has worked tirelessly to influence nurses to provide culturally safe care to their clients in whatever location they work.

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