S. E-Din Habik

S. E-Din Habik

Saad Habik is a Professor of Combustion and Heat Engines at the Mechanical Power Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering of Port-Said, Suez Canal University, Egypt. He is currently the Director of the Energy Research and Studies Center at the Faculty of Engineering of Port-Said. He gained his PhD from the Mechanical Engineering Department at Leeds University, UK in 1986. He worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the same department in the period 1986-1990. In 1995 he undertook research at Michigan Technological University, USA. His field of research focuses on combustion chemistry and he has published 35 scientific papers in the same field. Two PhD and one MSc degrees have been awarded under his supervision. Professor Habik is a member of SAE, USA, Associating Energy Engineer, USA, and ILASS, Egypt. He was awarded the National Award for Engineering Activities, and a First Class Medal for his contributions to the field of Engineering.

Affiliations and Expertise

Faculty of Engineering of Port Said, Suez Canal University, Port Said, Egypt