Russell A. Ogle

Russell A. Ogle

Dr. Russell Ogle applies his expertise as a chemical engineer to the scientific investigation and prevention of accidents, with particular emphasis on fires, explosions, and chemical releases. He specializes in the investigation of complex industrial accidents, catastrophic fires and explosions, incendiary fires (arson), and combustible dust hazards. Dr. Ogle has investigated hundreds of fires and explosions in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. Drawing from his diverse accident investigation experience, he has provided process safety consulting services to the chemical, petroleum, natural gas, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and food processing industries. He is experienced in combustible dust hazard analysis, process hazard analysis, safety risk assessment, and decision analysis.

Dr. Ogle was awarded one of the first doctorates in the United States based on dust explosion testing using the 20-liter sphere, and he was one of the first investigators to analyze dust explosion data using chemical kinetics and computational fluid dynamics. He has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University (1980) and a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering from the University of Iowa (1986). He has 30 years of industrial experience working in fire, explosion, and chemical safety and is a licensed professional engineer (PE) in several states, a certified safety professional (CSP), and a certified fire and explosion investigator (CFEI).

Affiliations and Expertise

Principal Engineer, Exponent, Inc.


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