Roy Gray

Roy Gray

Roy Gray belongs to the Yarrabah Community in Northern Queensland. After leaving primary school he worked on stations and in factories. Roy served on the Yarrabah Council 1982-1989 and, as its Chairman 1984-1986, became one of the initiators and negotiators for the Yarrabah Deeds in Trust. At the same time he chaired the Queensland Aboriginal Co-ordinating Council. Roy has chaired the Yarrabah Health Committee; he has been studying at UNE (Armidale) and has worked full-time as the curator of the Yarrabah museums. He fills his "spare" time with researching and co-authoring a book on the history of Yarrabah. With the support of a loving family (a wife and seven children) he has been fighting for Aboriginal issues. He is totally committed to ensure that his people are given the right to function as equals in Australian society. Over the past 10 years he has been involved in many cross-cultural education workshops as part of the Binang Goonj Team.

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