Rosalind Jackson

Rosalind Jackson

Rosalind “Roz” Jackson is a career professional, having been employed by a Fortune 100 company as manager of the workplace violence prevention program. There she consulted with and advised managers and human resource professionals in the management of potential workplace violence interventions. She was responsible for developing programs to address potential workplace violence issues and led workplace violence prevention programs including training of managers and supervisors in the corporate office and manufacturing settings. After Georgia-Pacific’s acquisition by Koch Industries, Roz continued to monitor workplace violence issues in conjunction with her duties as manager, compliance and ethics. Roz has completed in-depth training in workplace violence prevention and intervention from nationally known resources and was a charter officer of the Atlanta/Southeast Chapter of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals. She is actively involved with a local domestic violence advocacy organization.

Affiliations and Expertise

Production Manager, Security Executive Council; former Manager, Corporate Security Programs, Georgia-Pacific