Rogier Noldus

Rogier Noldus

Rogier Noldus is expert at Ericsson Telecommunicatie B.V. in Rijen, The Netherlands. He has been involved in Intelligent Networks (IN) standardization and has driven the development of CAMEL within Ericsson. He has subsequently made a switch to IP multimedia system (IMS) and is now focusing on the integration of GSM and IMS networks, covering areas such as Next generation IN, Fixed mobile convergence, Media transmission, Multi access, Value added services (e.g. enterprise service such as IP Centrex) and Next generation networks. He holds a B.Sc. degree (electronics) from the Institute of Technology in Utrecht (The Netherlands) and a M.Sc. degree (telecommunications) from the University of The Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa). He joined Ericsson in 1996. Rogier’s telecommunications roots lie in South Africa, where he worked for Siemens, Telkor and Telecommunications Manufacturers of South Africa (TMSA). Rogier is the author of the book “CAMEL, Intelligent Networks for the GSM, GPRS and UMTS network” (Wiley, 2006) and is the author of various patents / patent applications in the area of Intelligent Networks, IMS and Fixed mobile convergence.

Affiliations and Expertise

Expert (multimedia communication network architecture and protocols) at Ericsson Netherlands.