Reynir  Eyjolfsson

Reynir  Eyjolfsson

Dr. Eyjolfsson entered pharmacy in 1959, having studied at the University of Iceland and then at the Pharmaceutical University of Denmark, Copenhagen 1961-1964 (MsPharm 1964). Dr. Eyjolfsson earned a Ph.D. in the chemistry of natural product from same university in 1968. He moved to Iceland in 1971 and has worked with drug formulation science at Pharmaco, Delta, Actavis until 2010. Dr. Eyjolfsson is an author of approximately 30 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals mainly on phytochemistry and pharmaceutics. He has designed many different dosage forms but mostly conventional tablets and slow release tablets.

Affiliations and Expertise

M.Sc.Pharm, PhD. Retired; previously drug formulation scientist and drug development manager, Actavis, Harnarfjordur, Iceland