Renewable Energy Integration

Renewable Energy Integration, 1st Edition

Practical Management of Variability, Uncertainty, and Flexibility in Power Grids

Renewable Energy Integration, 1st Edition,ISBN9780124079106

Academic Press




235 X 191

Discover how electricity markets, and the physics and operations of power grids are evolving to meet the diverse needs of centralized and distributed variable energy resources.

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Key Features

  • Lays out the key issues around the integration of renewables into power grids and markets, from the intricacies of operational and planning considerations, to supporting regulatory and policy frameworks
  • Provides global case studies that highlight the challenges of renewables integration and present field-tested solutions
  • Illustrates enabling and disruptive technologies to support the management of variability, uncertainty and flexibility


Renewable Energy Integration is a ground-breaking new resource -  the first to offer a distilled examination of the intricacies of integrating renewables into the power grid and electricity markets. It offers informed perspectives from internationally renowned experts on the challenges to be met and solutions based on demonstrated best practices developed by operators around the world. The book's focus on practical implementation of strategies provides real-world context for theoretical underpinnings and the development of supporting policy frameworks. The book considers a myriad of wind, solar, wave and tidal integration issues, thus ensuring that grid operators with low or high penetration of renewable generation can leverage the victories achieved by their peers. Renewable Energy Integration highlights, carefully explains, and illustrates the benefits of advanced technologies and systems for coping with variability, uncertainty, and flexibility.


Transmission and Distribution Grid Operators and Planners; Electrical, Mechanical, Power, Control, Sustainability and Systems Engineers; Energy Economists; Government Regulators and Utility Business Leaders; Researchers and Financers in Renewables.

Renewable Energy Integration, 1st Edition

Ch 1. The Journey of Reinventing the European Electricity Landscape – Challenges and Pioneers
Ch 2. Policies for Accommodating Higher Penetration of Variable Energy Resources (VER’s)
Ch 3. Harnessing and Integrating Africa’s Renewable Energy Resources
Ch 4. Challenges and Opportunities of Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Scale Modeling and Algorithms for Integrating Variable Energy Resources in Power Networks
Ch 5. Integrating Renewables in Nordic Electricity Market
Ch 6. Case Study of Renewable Integration - Cal ISO USA
Ch 7. Impact of Variable Generation on Power System Reserve
Ch 8. Advances in Market Management Solutions for Variable Energy Resources Integration
Ch 9. Case Study: Reserve Management for Integrating Variable Generation in Electricity Markets
Ch 10. Case Study: Grid and Market Integration of Wind Generation in Tamil Nadu, India
Ch 11. Forecasting Renewable Energy for Grid Operations
Ch 12. Probabilistic Wind and Solar Power Predictions
Ch 13. Incorporating Forecast Uncertainty in Utility Control Centers
Ch 14. Global Power Grids for Harnessing World Renewable Energy 
Ch 15. Transmission Grids for Integrating On - and Offshore Variable Generation Resources
Ch 16. Case Study: Integration of Renewables - Indian Experience
Ch 17. Long Term Energy Systems Planning: Accounting for Short Term Variability and Flexibility
Ch 18. The Danish Case: Taking Advantage of Flexible Power in an Energy System with High Wind Penetration
Ch 19. Analyzing Power System Flexibility
Ch 20. Demand Response for Integrating Variable Renewable Energy: A Northwest Perspective 
Ch 21. Case Study: Demand Response and Alternative Technologies in Electricity Markets 
Ch 22. The Implications of Distributed Energy Resources on Traditional Utility Business Model
Ch 23. Case Study: Application of Energy Storage for Renewable Integration  
Ch 24. Renewables Integration on Islands
Ch 25. Case Study: Intentional Islanding with Synchronous-Machine-Based Renewables
Ch 26. Connecting Large Scale Solar to Power Grid
Ch 27. State-of-the Art and Future Outlook of Integrating Wave and Tidal Energy
Ch 28. Case Study: Integration of Renewables in Germany
Ch 29. Control of Power Systems with High Penetration Variable Generation
Ch 30. Enhancing Situation Awareness in Power Systems Under Uncertainty
Ch 31. Case Study: Managing Operational Uncertainty through Improve Visualization Tools in Control Centers
Ch 32. Applications of Dynamic Line Rating to Integrating Renewable Energy
Ch 33. PMU and WAMS Application to Renewables Integration
Ch 34. Every Moment Counts: Synchrophasors for Distribution Networks with Variable Resources
Ch 35. Big Data, Data Mining, and Predictive Analytics and High Performance Computing

Quotes and reviews

"…it lays out the key issues around the integration of renewables into power grids and markets…Detailed national case studies make up the largest proportion of the content and are the most valuable part, showing how the challenges of renewables integration can be met and discussing the field-tested solutions involved."--Real Power, June 2014

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