Rebecca N. Bleibaum

Rebecca N. Bleibaum

Rebecca Bleibaum is Vice President, Sensory and Consumer Insights of Tragon Corporation. A key member of Tragon since 1988, Bleibaum actively participates on Tragon’s custom primary research team. In addition to her responsibilities at Tragon, Bleibaum is co-developer and instructor of the UC Davis Applied Sensory and Consumer Science Testing Certificate Program for Distance Learners. She is the current Chair for ASTM E-18 on Sensory Evaluation, past E-18 chair on Communication and Training, 2010 Society of Sensory Professionals Conference Chair, past Secretary of SSP, Professional member of IFT and the IFT Sensory and Consumer Sciences Division Bleibaum earned her B.S. from U.C. Davis and her M.A. in Physiological Psychology and Psychophysics from Washington University, specializing in Consumer Behavior.

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Tragon Corporation, Redwood Shores, CA, USA

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Rebecca N. Bleibaum

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