Raymond Todd Blackwood

Raymond Todd Blackwood

Raymond Todd Blackwood is an IT Manager for a private university in Tempe, AZ, with over 12 years of experience in managing technology projects, teams, and systems. He currently oversees the development of technology projects at the university and provides lectures and training on leadership principles for technology geeks. Raymond teaches several courses that focus on thinking and brain performance, as well as managing technology, systems, and change. Raymond started his career in digital film making, which took him from his southern roots to the Southwest, where he did his undergraduate studies and received his BA in Multimedia and Digital Animation and Production. Producing independent digital films led him into technology management as he began to design and implement technology for animation and multimedia applications. A series of events catalyzed by a passion for learning and working in all kinds of technology projects led Raymond to become a Manager of Information Technology in 2000 for the university. Soon thereafter Raymond began his graduate work and received his Masters of Business Administration and Technology Management in 2006. Raymond is the comoderator of the Phoenix Future Salon through the Accelerated Studies Foundation. He also serves on the board of directors for the Greater Arizona eLearning Association and the Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council, and he is the faculty sponsor for DC480, the university’s hacking club. Raymond wrote Chapter 7, “Wireless Awareness: Increasing the Sophistication of Wireless Users.”

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