Rainer Höfer

Rainer Höfer

Dr Rainer Höfer is owner of Editorial Ecosiris, which has consultancy and publishing activities in the domains of green chemistry, renewable resources, sustainable development, white biotechnology, and interculturation. He is the founder and owner of Editorial Ecosiris. Recent books by him include: R. Höfer, Ed., Sustainable Solutions for Modern Economies, RSC Publ., Cambridge (2009), A. Kazmi, B. Kamm, S. Henke, L. Theuvsen, R. Höfer, Advanced Oil Crop Biorefineries, A. Kazmi, Ed., RSC Publ. Cambridge (2012) ; J. E. McGrath, M. A. Hickner, R. Höfer (Edts.), Polymers for a Sustainable Environment and Green Energy, Vol. 10 in Polymer Science: A Comprehensive Reference, K. Matyjaszewski, M. Möller (Edts.-in-Chief), Elsevier, Amsterdam, Oxford, Waltham (2012).

Affiliations and Expertise

Editorial Ecosiris, Düsseldorf, Germany