Radiative Heat Transfer

Radiative Heat Transfer, 3rd Edition

Radiative Heat Transfer, 3rd Edition,Michael Modest,ISBN9780123869449


Academic Press



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A practical comprehensive reference useful in industry and research for scientists, engineers, and graduate students working in the field of heat transfer and thermal radiation.

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Key Features

  • Extensive solution manual for adopting instructors
  • Most complete text in the field of radiative heat transfer
  • Many worked examples and end-of-chapter problems
  • Large number of computer codes (in Fortran and C++), ranging from basic problem solving aids to sophisticated research tools
  • Covers experimental methods


The third edition of Radiative Heat Transfer describes the basic physics of radiation heat transfer. The book provides models, methodologies, and calculations essential in solving research problems in a variety of industries, including solar and nuclear energy, nanotechnology, biomedical, and environmental.

Every chapter of Radiative Heat Transfer offers uncluttered nomenclature, numerous worked examples, and a large number of problems-many based on real world situations-making it ideal for classroom use as well as for self-study. The book's 24 chapters cover the four major areas in the field: surface properties; surface transport; properties of participating media; and transfer through participating media. Within each chapter, all analytical methods are developed in substantial detail, and a number of examples show how the developed relations may be applied to practical problems.


A Reference for Scientists, Researchers, Engineers (mechanical, chemical as well as other branches of engineers), Physicists, Oceanographers, Meteorologists, Graduate Students, Academic Researchers

Michael Modest

Shaffer and George Professor of Engineering School of Engineering University of California, Merced

Affiliations and Expertise

Shaffer and George Professor of Engineering School of Engineering University of California, Merced

Radiative Heat Transfer, 3rd Edition

1. Fundamentals of Thermal Radiation
2. Radiative Property Predictions from Electromagnetic Wave Theory
3. Radiative Properties of Real Surfaces
4. View Factors
5. Radiative Exchange Between Gray, Diffuse Surfaces
6. Radiative Exchange Between Partially-Specular Gray Surfaces
7. Radiative Exchange Between Nonideal Surfaces
8. Surface Radiative Exchange in the Presence of Conduction and Convection
9. The Equation of Radiative Transfer in Participating Media
10. Radiative Properties of Molecular Gases
11. Radiative Properties of Particulate Media
12. Radiative Properties of Semitransparent Media
13. Exact Solutions for One-Dimensional Gray Media
14. Approximate Solution Methods for One-Dimensional Media
15. The Method of Spherical Harmonics (PN-Approximation)
16. The Method of Discrete Ordinates (SN-Approximation)
17. The Zonal Method
18. The Treatment of Collimated Irradiation
19. The Treatment of Nongray Extinction Coefficients
20. The Monte Carlo Method for Thermal Radiation
21. Radiation Combined with Conduction and Convection
22. Inverse Radiative Heat Transfer
A. Constants and Conversion Factors
B. Tables for Radiative Properties of Opaque Surfaces
C. Blackbody Emissive Power Table
D. View Factor Catalogue
E. Exponential Integral Functions
F. Computer Codes
Author Index
Subject Index
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