R. Nolan Clark

R. Nolan Clark

Nolan Clark is a wind power pioneer who began working in the area of wind energy for rural applications in the mid '70s. He was Laboratory Director at the USDA Conservation and Production Research Laboratory in Bushland, Texas, acting as Program Leader for the DOE & USDA interagency wind research program from 1980-2009. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the DOE’s Wind Energy Pioneer Award, AWEA’s Outstanding Contributions Award, and the Wind Powering America Program’s 2009 Small Wind Advocate Award in recognition of leadership, dedication, and numerous contributions to the advancement of small wind turbine applications. Dr. Clark has published numerous book chapters, magazine and journal articles, and has acted as Program Chair for AWEA’s Windpower, the largest wind energy conference in North America. He is a fellow of the ASABE, (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers), and a member of AWEA, ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and SWCS (Soil and Water Conservation Society). He has served on many DOE technical review panels, examining wind power related research grant proposals, and has worked directly with over 100 wind energy producers to implement small wind installations in schools, farms and businesses throughout the American South and Midwest.In his current position on AWEA’s Small Wind Certification Committee, Dr. Clark acts as one of a three review board commissioners, conducting technical evaluations of projects under consideration for AWEAs Small Wind Certification. He is one of three American representatives who wrote the current AWEA standards for small wind machines, which are now being adopted internationally.

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Small Wind Certification Council, Amarillo, Texas, USA

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R. Nolan Clark

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