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Rang & Dale's Pharmacology Flash Cards Updated Edition

Review what you learn in class and reinforce essential drug information. Using generic drug names, Rang & Dale's Pharmacology Flash Cards cover the actions, mechanisms of action, pharmacokinetic aspects, clinical uses and adverse effects of all important drugs. The 320 cards are divided into sets, each covering a different body system. Each card features a multi-color diagram that indicates how drugs may exert their action on that system. Detailed information is presented on the reverse side so that you can easily test your knowledge of the drug. With a portable format and references to Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology, 7th Edition and Dale and Haylett: Pharmacology Condensed, 2nd Edition, these cards make it easy to review what you need to know in pharmacology.

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USD 39.95
Authors: Maureen Dale ...see All
Release Date: 07 Jan 2014

Working with Dynamic Crop Models, 2nd Edition

USD 98.95

Authors: Daniel Wallach ...see All
Release Date: 11 Feb 2014

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