Pinxian Wang

Pinxian Wang

Pinxian Wang graduated from the Moscow State University in 1960, majoring in paleontology, and was Alexander von Humboldt Fellow in 1981-82 in Kiel, Germany. He is now Professor at the Tongji University, where he was Director of the Department and Laboratory of Marine Geology for years. His research fields are basically paleoceanography and micropaleontology in the Western Pacific and paleo-monsoon studies in East Asia, especially in the South China Sea. He was co-chief scientist of the Ocean Drilling Program Leg 184 in 1999 and the Marco Polo Cruise in 2005, both to the South China Sea. He initiated the series of “Asian Marine Geology Conference” in 1988, and led the international working groups on paleo-monsoons. Currently he is leading a major research program “The South China Sea Deep” founded by the Chinese NSF. He was elected into the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1991. He is Honorary Fellow of the Geological Society, London, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and was awarded the Milutin Milankovitch Medal in 2007 by the European Geoscience Union.

Affiliations and Expertise

State Key Laboratory of Marine Geology, Tongji University, Shanghai, China


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