Philip Woodall

Philip Woodall

Dr Philip Woodall is a research scientist at the University of Cambridge specializing in information management. He has extensive experience working with international public and private organizations from various sectors, including transport, utilities, defense, public sector, manufacturing, and aerospace, to improve their information management and information quality practices. He has published numerous academic articles in leading international journals and conferences, and is an editor of The International Journal of Information Quality. In 2011, he was elected as the Chairman the IET Asset Management conference in London, after having worked on information quality with several asset management organizations. Philip also advises the UK government and leading business organizations on data management issues within the University of Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy, and is a proud member of St Edmund's College, Cambridge. Previously, he worked in the software industry and gained his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Keele University.

Affiliations and Expertise

Research Scientist at the University of Cambridge