Phil Drake

Phil Drake

Phil Drake is Communications Manager for the Charlotte Observer in Charlotte, N. C. The Observer is a daily newspaper that serves readers throughout North and South Carolina. In addition to the newspaper, the Charlotte Observer produces specialty magazines, voice information, and Internet services. Phil is responsible for all aspects of communications at Observer operations in both Carolinas, including telephone and data communications, wireless systems, conventional and trunked two-way radio, and satellite systems. He is also responsible for business continuity and disaster response planning and related budgeting. He is responsible for providing emergency communications facilities for reporters and photographers covering breaking news stories. His background includes photojournalism, mainframe computer support, network management, telecommunications planning and management, and business continuity planning. Phil is a former chairman of the Contingency Planning Association of the Carolinas and currently serves as a Board Advisor of the organization. He is a Certified Business Continuity Professional with the Disaster Recovery Institute International. Phil speaks to public and private sector groups and has been interviewed by and written for a number of national publications on a wide range of emergency communication issues and business/homeland defense planning. He leads business continuity training seminars for both the public and private sectors. He also has provided project management in business continuity and has advised major national clients in emergency planning, workforce protection, threat assessment, and incident response. He enjoys backpacking, spending time in the outdoors, and has taught outdoor living skills to youth group leaders. He was appointed by the North Carolina Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources as a voting member of the NC Geological Survey Advisory Committee.

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