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Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology


The world's largest scientific publisher, Elsevier provides authoritative content and innovative workflow tools for chemical professionals.

The information we deliver spans peer-reviewed published literature, conferences and patents, and covers the latest biomedical research and clinical information essential to R&D productivity.

Unparalleled R&D information:


  • All archived FDA approval packages since 1938. Regulatory filings for over 4,000 approved drugs.
  • Coverage of 19 million compounds, 29 million reactions, experimental facts for 400 fields, with key bioactivity information.
  • Hosting of 2,500 peer-reviewed journals
  • Access to 10 million full-text peer-reviewed journal articles and 11,000 books
  • 24 million patent records; 5 patent offices
  • Abstract and indexing coverage of 17,000 peer reviewed journals
  • Biomedical journal and conference research monitoring with the Emtree thesaurus
  • Over 11,000 authoritative books, including reference works, book series, and eBooks.


At we share topical content on how information enables pharmaceutical R&D. Visit us today to share your opinions, interesting content, contacts, events and other news with the ElsevierPharma global community Overview:

A groundbreaking platform that gives you our data, your way.


Unprecedented access to a constantly expanding universe of content and solutions resulting in more discovery with less searching.

One of the largest online collections of published scientific research in the world.


Looking for trusted content? SciVerse Scopus scientific database contains more than 10 million journal articles and book chapters.

A unique web-based chemistry workflow solution which supports research and fuels discovery.


Reaxys enhances the exploration of chemical reaction and substance information, giving chemists more time for creativity and innovation and enabling them to meet their objectives and stay ahead of the competition.

The most comprehensive biomedical database on the internet, with over 20 million biomedical research references.


EMCare is a bibliographic database built by the producer of EMBASE, a sister company of Mosby and W.B. Saunders.

Research tool enabling confident product and partnering decisions to explore new technologies, product applications and markets.


EXPLORE Trends and Opportunities - EVALUATE Technologies and Methods - COMPARE Organizations, People and Approaches - REPORT Findings and Insights.

Pharmapendium - make informed drug development decisions.

The only online resource able to search all FDA/CDER/FOI archived FDA drug approval review and correspondence documentation since 1938.