Peter Therkelsen

Peter Therkelsen

Dr. Peter Therkelsen is a Research Scientist in the Energy Technologies Area at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, focusing on the development and deployment of responsible energy efficiency and generation technologies. Dr. Therkelsen leads the LBNL Combustion Laboratory where he studies and develops high efficiency, fuel flexible, and low emission installed and portable heat and power systems. His current work is focused on developing lean combustion technologies that encourage the accelerated utilization of biofuels while meeting thermal demands and emissions regulations. Additionally, Dr. Therkelsen co-manages the LBNL Industrial Systems Team. In this role he conducts data driven studies of the costs and benefits of industrial energy efficiency measures and energy management systems and serves as a delegate of the United States at International Standards Organization meetings for energy management and savings.

Affiliations and Expertise

Research Scientist, Energy Technologies, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley Hills, CA, USA


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