Peter Pfefferli

Peter Pfefferli

Peter Pfefferli has a PhD in Forensic Science, University of Lausanne (1984) and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, Quantico (1987). He has 25 years of experience as senior police officer and forensic manager, as former director of the Forensic Science Division of the Zurich Canton Police respectively the Forensic Science Institute in Zurich. In his function as CID police officer he was leading many crime scene investigations. Today he is the Forensic Senior Consultant of thin Forensic Science Institute Zurich, the largest and leading forensic organization in Switzerland. Besides his activities in operational forensic, Peter Pfefferli is a forensic lecturer at the Law Faculty of University of Zurich, teaching since many years forensic sciences to Bachelor students. He is also the forensic lecturer at the Competence Center Forensics & Economic Crime at the University of Lucerne. Peter Pfefferli is a founding member and former chairman of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI), one of the worldwide leading forensic networks. Today he is the chairman of the ENFSI standing committee on education and training. He has also been a former chairman of the Interpol International Forensic Science Manager Symposium. Peter Pfefferli is co-editor of the German law enforcement journal KRIMINALISTIK and he is the editor of the forensic evidence pocket guide DIE SPUR. Since more than 30 years Peter Pfefferli is an international recognized, active forensic specialist, contributing to many major forensic science conferences. In matter of forensic quality assurance and forensic accreditation, Peter Pfefferli is a forensic expert for a number of national accreditation services throughout Europe.

Affiliations and Expertise

Chairman of Gesellschaft für Forensische Schriftuntersuchung, INTERPOL Forensic Science Symposium, European Network of Forensic Science Institutes, and member of the International Association for Identification.