Peter Larkin

Peter Larkin

Peter Larkin leads the Spectroscopy and Materials Characterization group at Cytec Industries. He has more than 20 years of experience using IR, Raman and NIR spectroscopy, has managed R&D environments, and has directed analytical method development, validation, and transfer teams. He specializes in IR and Raman spectral interpretation, spectroscopic chemometric analyses, early phase API and chemical development support, and process analytical techniques (PAT). Dr. Larkin received his PhD from the University of Pittsburgh in 1990 using resonance Raman and vibrational circular dichroism spectroscopy to study heme proteins. While at American Cyanamid/Cytec Industries in Stamford, CT, hereceived comprehensive training in IR interpretation from Dr. Norman B. Colthup. He subsequently worked at Wyeth Pharmaceutical, had a brief stint with Pfizer, and led the solid state analysis group at Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Affiliations and Expertise

Group Leader, Spectroscopy and Materials Characterization, Cytec Industries, Stamford, CT


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