Paul J. Worsfold

Paul J. Worsfold

Paul Worsfold is currently Professor of Analytical Science in the School of Earth, Ocean and Environmental Sciences and Director of the Plymouth Environmental Research Centre at the University of Plymouth. He was an undergraduate at Loughborough University where he also gained industrial experience in Germany and the Netherlands. He obtained an MSc (1978) and a PhD (1980) in Bioanalytical Chemistry with Michael Thompson at the University of Toronto, Canada. A postdoctoral position with Jarda Ruzicka and Elo Hansen at the Technical University of Denmark was followed by lectureships in Sheffield (now Hallam) and Hull (a new blood lectureship working with Alan Townshend) and a chair at Plymouth in 1990. He received his DSc from Loughborough in 1998.

His research activities are at the interface of Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Science and he is a member of the 'Biogeochemistry and Environmental Analytical Chemistry' research group at Plymouth. His core Analytical Chemistry research interests are flow injection techniques, molecular spectroscopy (particularly chemiluminescence), instrument design, on-line sample treatment techniques and field flow fractionation. Environmental interests include oceanic scale spatial mapping of trace metal micronutrients, e.g. iron, nutrient (N and P) cycling in natural waters, physico-chemical speciation of elements and contaminant transport and modelling. He has published over 200 scientific research papers and review articles.

He is currently Editor of the journal Analytica Chimica Acta and Editor of the Encyclopaedia of Analytical Science. He is also on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Flow Injection Analysis and Environmental Chemistry. His work has been recognised by the award of the SAC Silver Medal in 1990, the H.E. Armstrong lectureship (SCI) in 1992, the C.B. Huggins lectureship (Acadia University) in 1997 and the Theophilus Redwood lectureship (RSC) in 2000. He became President of the Analytical Divis

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University of Plymouth, Plymouth, U.K.

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Paul J. Worsfold

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