Paul Dexter

Paul Dexter

Paul Dexter began lighting in Los Angeles when he was sixteen (1970). He made 42 Hawaiian pineapple cans into lights and operated them with variacs and crude double pole switches. At 18, he was asked to tour with Elvis! A colorful history of worldwide concert toruing ensued as a lighting designer and stage set designer with the likes of Rick James, Motley Crue, DIO, Ozzy Osbourne, and Elton John. From 1973-1990 Paul’s interests diversified into film and video and he was the lighting designer and director for seven long-form concert DVDs and several MTV 80s rotation videos. He was the lighting designer for Fuji TVs live 1990 studio broadcasts from London to Japan with artists such as Paul McCartney and Rod Stewart; a live broadcast for European Cable channel Sky TV-“Elton John, Live from Verona”, Italy and; he was the lighting designer/director for the 2001 movie “Rock Star”. Notable exhibits include lighting design with artist Hiro Yamagata, for the amazing and lauded $3M art installation in New York City and Sci-Fi Channel’s Comic Con Exhibit, receiving 2005 Gold Award from Exhibitor Magazine’s discerning judges. An entrepreneur and industry magazine author, Paul co-founded the film/media project “Road Cases” in 2004, documenting road stories from some of our industry’s most amusing characters, and he was the Executive Producer for “Road Cases Shorts”, an interstitial program developed for a major cable TV network in 2008. Paul is president of his own design firm, Masterworks Design, Inc. His recent activities include touring the world with REO Speedwagon as production and lighting designer, production designer for Heaven & Hell and; architectural lighting designer for Activision Motion Capture Studios. Paul continues to produce new multimedia projects for Road Cases.

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Paul Dexter has designed lighting for over 30 years for major production touring groups such as Rick James, Motley Crue, Ozzy Osbourne, DIO, Triumph, Elton John, REO Speedwagon, and many others. Diversifying lighting and media interests to all avenues possible was Paul's key goal which has lead to a colorful career that has expanded into set design, stage production design, film, video, and architectural lighting design.

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Paul Dexter

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