Patrick  Lamers

Patrick  Lamers

Patrick Lamers is a Systems Analyst with the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), stationed at the National Bioenergy Center in Golden, Colorado. His work on feedstock logistics and trade for the US Department of Energy’s BioEnergy Technologies Office supports the deployment and scale-up of the US advanced biofuel industry. Patrick’s academic experience spans from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, to Lund University, Sweden, and Utrecht University, the Netherlands. He has been working for over ten years as a senior researcher and consultant across North America and Europe, and published extensively in the areas of global biomass markets and trade dynamics. As a project manager and principal investigator, he worked for multiple clients, including international agencies (e.g., the International Energy Agency and the European Commission), national government and non-governmental agencies across North America and Europe, and the private industry. He serves as a reviewer to several academic journals and is engaged in multiple international working groups and reports including the IPCC, REN21, and the IEA Bioenergy.

Affiliations and Expertise

Systems Analyst, Idaho National Laboratory (INL), ID, USA