Panagiotis Smirniotis

Panagiotis Smirniotis

Prof. Smirniotis’s has more than 22 years of experience in catalysis. His research at UC is characterized by in-depth investigations to advance the fundamental understanding and practical aspects of numerous catalytic systems of major Industrial, Environmental and Energy related processes. His research is highly recognized for its breadth, excellence, and unique thoroughness resulting in an H Index equal to 34. Currently, he has more than refereed 130 publications in international journals (Appendix 1). Prof. Smirniotis group has been developing modified ferrite catalysts for the high temperature water gas shift (WGS) reaction for the last 7 years. We have published 12 papers in this area in highly prestigious journals like Journal of Catalysis, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Journal of Membrane Science, and Applied Catalysis A: General etc. Our group is the first one to develop modified ferrite catalysts for ultra high temperature membrane reactor WGS applications. Our group is the first one to explain the negative effect of Cu observed in the water gas shift reaction. We explained this negative effect of Cu by using several techniques. So far, there are several books available for development of shift catalysts. However, in recent years researchers from around the globe made so many variations and approaches to conduct high temperature WGS reaction like membrane reactors, homogeneous WGS reaction, non-ferrite catalysts. We want to publish all these novel findings and carry comparisons with the existing literature in the form of a book.

Affiliations and Expertise

Department of Chemical Engineering, School of Energy, Environmental, Biological and Medical Engineering, Universtiy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, USA