Marsh and Martin's Oral Microbiology

Marsh and Martin's Oral Microbiology, 6th Edition

Marsh and Martin's Oral Microbiology, 6th Edition,Philip Marsh,Michael Lewis,Helen Rogers,David Williams,Melanie Wilson,ISBN9780702061066

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Marsh and Martins’ Oral Microbiology continues to offer the essentials of oral microbiology in an easy-to-read, readily digestible format. Commencing with a description of the healthy mouth and the properties of the resident oral microbiota, the new edition of this popular textbook then explores the formation and consequences of plaque development, plaque-mediated disease, orofacial infection, antimicrobial agents and prophylaxis, orofacial fungal and viral infections, and the relationship between oral microbiota and systemic disease. The book is completed by a chapter on infection control.

Each chapter is succinct and includes essential information in a concise format – thereby saving the reader valuable time. The book is presented with an abundance of tables, photographs and artworks to make the subject as engaging as possible – numerous ‘Key Point’ boxes aid retention.

Marsh and Martins’ Oral Microbiology is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate dental students, research workers, and a wide range of clinical dental professionals.

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Key Features

    • Successfully describes the complex relationship between the resident oral microbiota and the host in health and disease
    • Retains a unique ecological approach to the subject which provides a clear set of principles to explain whether the microbiota will have a beneficial or an adverse relationship with the host at a particular site
    • Exploration of the biological and clinical significance of the oral microbiota in the form of a biofilm on dental and mucosal surfaces


Philip Marsh

BSc, PhD

Affiliations and Expertise

Chief Scientific Leader, Public Health England, Salisbury, UK; Professor of Oral Microbiology, Leeds School of Dentistry, University of Leeds, UK

Michael Lewis


Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Oral Medicine and Dean, School of Dentistry, College of Biomedical and Life Sciences, Cardiff University, Heath Park, Cardiff, Wales, UK

Helen Rogers


Affiliations and Expertise

Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Oral Medicine, University of Bristol Dental Hospital, Bristol, UK

David Williams

BSc (Hons), PhD

Dr. Williams currently leads the Oral Microbiology Group based at the School of Dentistry, at Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK. Since Dr. Williams’ first degree (Cardiff University), he has worked in the pharmaceutical industry, food microbiology and as an academic researcher. Having completed a PhD at the School of Dentistry in Cardiff on the immunopathogenesis of oral candidosis, Dr. Williams’ research has continued within Cardiff University and primarily focuses within the field of Clinical Microbiology with an emphasis on studies involving microbial biofilms. Dr. Williams’ research encompasses investigating biofilm susceptibility to antimicrobial agents, expression of virulence factors such as hydrolytic enzyme production, adhesion, and microbial modulation of innate immune responses. Of particular interest has been research into the development of biomaterials (e.g. silicone rubber, acrylic, titanium) to inhibit biofilm formation on medical devices. Dr. Williams is a previous recipient of the Senior Colgate Award (British Society for Oral and Dental Research) and the International Hatton Award (The International Association for Dental Research).

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Oral Microbiology, School of Dentistry, College of Biomedical and Life Sciences, Cardiff University, Heath Park, Cardiff, Wales, UK

Melanie Wilson

BSc (Hons), BDS, PhD, FDSRCS, FRCPath

Affiliations and Expertise

Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Oral Microbiology, School of Dentistry,College of Biomedical and Life Sciences, Cardiff University, Heath Park, Cardiff, Wales, UK

Marsh and Martin's Oral Microbiology, 6th Edition

1 Introduction

2 The mouth as a microbial habitat

3 The resident oral microbiota

4 Distribution, development and benefits of the oral microbiota

5 Dental plaque

6 Plaque-mediated diseases: Dental caries and periodontal diseases

7 Orofacial bacterial infections

8 Oral fungal infections

9 Orofacial viral infections

10 Antimicrobial agents

11 Oral microbiota and systemic disease

12 Infection control

Multiple choice answers

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