Ogbonnaya Kalu Ulu

Ogbonnaya Kalu Ulu

Prof. O.K. Ulu holds the degrees of BSc Geology of University of Texas (1979); MSc, Geology, Louisiana State University (1979 - 1981) and PhD Geology/Palynology of University of Calabar, Nigeria (1988). He became a visiting Professor of Geology at Nassarawa State University, Keffi, Nigeria (2005) and currently consulting in the Oil and gas industry. Prof. O.K. Ulu, is a seasoned Biostratigrapher, Visiting Professor of Geology who has over 35 years of Oil and Gas Industry and academic experience in the field of Geology specializing in Biostratigraphy. He has studied over 1000 wells, created zonal schemes and built stratigraphic correlation across the Tertiary Niger Delta as well as Cretaceous Inland. He is Fellow of Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists.

Affiliations and Expertise

Managing Director, Kulson Consultants Limited, Lagos