Nurhan T. Dunford

Nurhan T. Dunford

Dr. Dunford’s experience as an engineer and scientist encompasses over 30 years, including positions in Turkey, Canada, and the United States. She is currently a professor at Oklahoma State University in the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department. Dr. Dunford is also on staff at the Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center as the oil and oilseed specialist. She has a BS in chemical engineering, MS in chemistry, Master of Engineering in Food Process Engineering and a Ph.D. in Food Processing/Engineering. She is a registered professional engineer and a certified food scientist, and she is active in several professional organizations including AOCS and IFT in the United States. Dr. Dunford is internationally known for her research in food, oil, oilseed, microalgae, and bioprocessing. Her research focuses on improving existing and developing new bioprocessing technologies, examining potential of nonfood biomass as biofuel and bioproduct feedstocks, and advancing utilization of byproducts and waste streams for biofuel production and value-added product development. She has established herself as a leading expert in utilization of environmentally benign techniques for edible oil processing focusing on extraction, refining, and value-added product development from vegetable oil and food industry byproducts. Her research has led to collaborations with scholars from South Africa, Sweden, South Korea, Iraq, Mexico, China, Austria, and Turkey.

Affiliations and Expertise

Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department, Oklahoma State University.