Norbert Jaušovec

Norbert Jaušovec

Norbert Jaušovec graduated in psychology at Ljubljana, where he gained his master’s degree in 1980, and doctoral degree in 1985. He started his professional career as a school psychologist. Since 1984 he has been employed at the Pedagogical Faculty in Maribor. In 1996 Dr. Jaušovec was elected full professor for the domain of educational psychology. His scientific research work may be divided into three categories. The first deals with the cognitive processes which are involved in expert problem solving; the second category includes neuropsychological research. The aim of these studies is to relate different physiological measures such as heart rate and EEG to differences in problem solving between gifted and average individuals. The third group contains work of a more practical nature. The aim is to transform the theoretical findings into knowledge which can be used to improve students’ problem solving ability. Besides universities in Slovenia, Dr. Jaušovec has lectured at other European Universities: Philips Universität Marburg, University of Leicester, York University, Martin-Luther-Universität at Halle-Wittenberg, The Chatolic University Milano, The Medical University of Wroclaw, and the University of Leiden. He is or was the Slovene national correspondent of EARLI (European Association for Research on Learning and Inuction), member of the Slovene national board for UNESCO, member of the editorial board of The Curriculum Journal (Taylor and Francis); BMC neuroscience (London: BioMed Central), The open neuroimaging journal (Hilversum: Bentham Science). As first author or co-author Dr. Jaušovec has published a wide variety of works, including three scientific monographs, two professional units and one text-book. He has published several scientific and professional articles which have in total more than 1000 citations.

Affiliations and Expertise

PhD University of Maribor, Slovenia


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