Nikhil Chrungoo

Nikhil Chrungoo

Prof. Dr. Nikhil Chrungoo (North Eastern Hill University, India) Current Research Interests : Biodiversity profiling, Nutritional Genomics Important research activities: • A two locus barcode based on nucleotide sequences of cp rbcL and matK genes developed for identification of Chenopodium quinoa an important nutraceutical crop of Indian Himalayas. • Allelic forms of waxy locus of rice described for identifying varieties with altered amylose content of starch • A gene coding for a nutritionally rich seed storage protein from common buckwheat isolated. Accession no. AY245536 (EMBL) • Complete amino acid sequence of a lysine rich seed storage protein from grain of common buckwheat determined. Accession no. P83004 (SWISS PROT) • Granule bound starch synthetase (GBSS-I) isolated from buckwheat grains. • N-terminal amino acid sequence for 25 residues of GBSS-I of common buckwheat determined. Accession no. P84633 (SWISS PROT) • Cloned the promoter of 26 kDa lysine rich seed stiorage protein of common buckwheat Accession No. EU 595873

Affiliations and Expertise

North Eastern Hill University, India