Nidal Hilal

Nidal Hilal

Professor Nidal Hilal holds a chair in Water Process Engineering. In addition to three years of industrial experience, he has worked continuously in academia since graduation in 1981. Over the years, he has made a major contribution becoming an internationally leading expert in the application of atomic force microscopy to chemical and process engineering, particularly in water resources development. His research interests lie broadly in the identification of innovative and cost-effective solutions to real world process engineering problems within the fields of nano-water, membrane technology, water treatment including desalination, colloid engineering and the nano-engineering applications of atomic force microscopy. Professor Hilal is internationally recognized as a world-leader in developing and applying the force measurement capability of AFM to the study of membrane separation and engineering processes at the nanoscale level. He was awarded the Kuwait Prize of Applied Science for Water Resources Development in 2005 by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS). This prize is one of the highest scientific honours which are awarded in the Middle East for intellectual achievement. He has recently published a pioneering book on Atomic Force Microscopy and Nano-Process Engineering by Elsevier in 2009 and a book entitled Membrane Modification: Technology and Applications by CRC press in 2012. He has also published 4 textbooks, 27 book chapters and around 300 articles in the refereed scientific literature. Professor Hilal is the Editor-in-Chief for the international journal Desalination and on the editorial boards of a number of international journals, and is a member of the advisory boards of several multinational organizations. He is a registered European Engineer, a Chartered Engineer in the UK and a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. Professor Hilal has served on and has carried out extensive consultancy for industry, government departments, research councils and universities on an international basis.

Affiliations and Expertise

Centre for Water Advanced Technologies and Environmental Research (CWATER,) Swansea University, UK