Nicolas Nolhier

Nicolas Nolhier

Education: 1984-1987: University of Marseille, Master degree of Physics 1989-1992: INSA Toulouse, PhD Electrical and Electronics Engineering Patent: 2008: ESD protection device and method of forming an esd protection device 2006: A semiconductor switch arrangement and an electronic device 2004: Integrated energy clamp for Power MOS Devices 2002: Arrangement and method for ESD protection Experience: Professor at University Paul Sabatier, responsible for Electonic Master (ESET), CNRS and researcher for LAAS-CNRS

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor, Paul Sabatier University, Univ. de Toulouse, LAAS-CNRS, France


Authors: Marise Bafleur & Fabrice Caignet & Nicolas Nolhier Release Date: 01 Dec 2016
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