Nehmat Houssami

Nehmat Houssami

Dr. Nehmat Houssami is a medical graduate with specialization in Public Health Medicine, and holds an MPH and a PhD (Clinical Epidemiology). She is also a breast physician and clinical researcher who has focused her career on breast cancer, specifically in the screening and diagnosis setting, for the past 22 years. Her expertise includes population screening, breast diagnostic and prognostic testing, cancer staging, and the effect of tests on patients’ treatment and clinical outcomes. Dr. Houssami has expertise in systematic evidence reviews and evidence synthesis, and in evaluating new breast screening technologies in the clinical field. Her scholarly work integrates clinical with public health medicine and aims to support evidence-based practice in breast screening and healthcare. She currently leads the breast cancer research portfolio in the Screening & Test Evaluation Program (Sydney Medical School) and the majority of her research is based on leading international collaborations including prospective studies and IPD meta-analyses. Her research portfolio has achieved international recognition. Dr. Houssami is a clinical consultant at the Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney; she is also Co-Editor of The Breast (an Elsevier journal).

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Public Health, and National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF Australia) Breast Cancer Research Leader Fellow, School of Public Health, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia


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