Natalie Zahr

Natalie Zahr

Natalie M. Zahr, Ph.D. is a research scientist at Stanford University and SRI International. Her graduate education in the basic sciences included the study of neuro- anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology. After she completed graduate training as an electrophysiologist, she began postdoctoral training as a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scientist. Her current position as research scientist focuses on translational approaches using in vivo MR imaging and spectroscopy in studies of human alcoholics and rodent models of alcoholism with the goal of identifying mechanisms of alcohol toxicity on the brain. Her position allows her to explore emerging MR technologies and apply them to test relevant hypotheses. She has taught courses in Anatomy and Neuroscience at UC Berkeley Extension and enjoys sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for learning with her students. Her interests include traveling, hosting parties, skiing, kite surfing, scuba diving, hiking, and yoga.

Affiliations and Expertise

SRI International, CA, USA


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