Naomi Stanford

Naomi Stanford

Currently consulting in the US. Previously Head of Organisational Development at Marks and Spencer, in this role she was responsible for HR innovation, HR strategy, and assessing workforce capability. She joined in December 2001 from British Airways where she had been an internal consultant specialising in organisation design and development. This followed an earlier career in graduate and post-graduate level business education specialising in management learning, change management and strategic human resource management. Affiliations include Member of the Institute of Management Consultancy, Fellow of CIPD. She has various vocational and professional qualifications including Masters’ degrees in Education and in Human Resource Development and a PhD from Warwick University Business School.

Affiliations and Expertise

Consultant with SiloSmashers based in USA, Member of the Institute of Management Consultancy and Fellow of CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personel & Development, UK)

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Naomi Stanford

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