Nalan Kabay

Nalan Kabay

Professor Nalan Kabay has been working at Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering of Ege University, Turkey since 1994. She graduated from Ege University and received her PhD from Kumamoto University, Japan in 1992. The title of her PhD thesis was on “Uranium Recovery from Seawater using Light Crosslinked High Performance Chelating Resins” and supported by Japanese Government Scholarship (Monbusho). She worked as a post-doc between1998-1999 at National Institute for Research in Inorganic Materials-NIRIM, Japan by a support of Science and Technology Agency of Japan. She visited Chemical Engineering Departments of Loughborough University and Imperial College, London, UK for several times through the grants for Royal Society, EPRS and British Council as visiting scientist between 1996-2008. She was former Vice-Dean of Engineering Faculty of Ege University between 2003-2009, former member of steering committee of Engineering Research Group at Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council (TUBITAK) between 2003-2007. Prof. Kabay has around 100 SCI papers and was acting as guest editor of special issues of 7 SCI journals (Desalination-Special Issue on Boron Removal from seawater/geothermal water and wastewater, Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange-special issues for W.Hoell and M.Cox, Reactive and Functional Polymer-special issues for F.Helfferich and Dr.R.Kunin and Environmental Geochemistry and Health-special issue on Safe Water Production), editor of 1 book on “The Global Arsenic Problem: challenges for safe water production”. She wrote 2 book chapters. Last one on Sorption-Membrane Hybrid Processes will be published in Encyclopedia of Membrane Science and Technology. She is member of editorial board for 3 SCI journals (Desalination, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Ion Exchange Letters) and 1 national journal (Ekoloji). Prof. Kabay was involved in 15 international projects; 30 national projects. She gave more than 50 lectures at different institutions and conferences as invited in Japan, Europe, India, Australia, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, S.Africa, Abu-Dhabi and Chile. She supervised 40 graduate students on water/wastewater treatment issue. She has got the following awards: TUBITAK-science promotion award in engineering field (2001), Canon Foundation in Europe Award (2001), SCI-IEX Award (2012).

Affiliations and Expertise

Ege University, Turkey