Morgan Habecker

Morgan Habecker

Morgan Habecker is highly dedicated security researcher and penetration tester with ten years of experience forged through military service, professional acumen, and rigorous study. Currently, Morgan provides deep-dive security consulting for medium and large sized companies through exhaustive penetration testing tactics that mimic real-world attack scenarios and then educating his clients about best methods for securing their environment. Testing includes exploitation of internal, external, and wireless networks. Working as a consultant, Morgan also provided reviews of web and mobile applications, but received commendations for his work in physical social engineering and realistic phishing scenarios. Morgan dedicates his spare time to advancing the security field through mentorship of peers and junior personnel by leading the New England Hacker’s Association near Boston, MA and privately training junior engineers in learning the principles of hacking and security.

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Penetration Tester, CDW

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Morgan Habecker

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