Montserrat Espiñeira

Montserrat Espiñeira

Montserrat Espiñeira studied essential and health biology and she completed her PhD in the University of Vigo. Her research works are focused in molecular biology: species identification, population studies, pathogen identification and detection, allergens, epigenetic studies. Since 2004, she has worked in ANFACO-CECOPESCA, a national scope private Technological Center, globally recognized, with more than 60 years giving technological and R&D services to companies of fish products transformation sector, aquaculture and similar companies. She manages the Molecular Biology Specialized Unit, the only laboratory accredited by ENAC with a List of Assays under accreditation (LEBA) for species identification. Moreover she is the responsible for the Life Sources, Aquaculture and managing its Traceability Division. Her latest research in this field is focused on molecular tools developed for control and prevention of several pathologies linked to fish farming and traceability control in alimentary sector.

Affiliations and Expertise

Researcher at the Research Department of Living Resources, Vigo, Spain


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