Mohammad Reza Ganjali

Mohammad Reza Ganjali

Mohammad Reza Ganjali is Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Head of the Centre of Excellence in Electrochemistry, and Dean of the College of Science at the University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran. He obtained a PhD in analytical chemistry at the University of Tehran in 1997. He has published more than 580 research articles and reviews in international journals. His research work has focused on the design and construction of new electrochemical and optical sensors for different species, in particular lanthanide ions. He proposed a new theory that made possible the design and synthesis of selective sensing materials for lanthanide ions. Most of the first electrochemical sensors for the lanthanide family have been reported by him, and more than 70% of electrochemical lanthanide sensors in the world are related to his work and his research team.

Affiliations and Expertise

Centre of Excellence in Electrochemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran