Mohamed Khayet

Mohamed Khayet

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Khayet Souhaimi is an expert on membrane science and technology (membrane design and fabrication, membrane processes including nanofiltration, emerging technologies) and water treatment (desalination, wastewater treatment, etc.). He has contributed a substantial number of articles (over 100 papers since 2000) on the subject of membrane science and technology to various international refereed journals, including among others, Journal of Membrane Science and Desalination (with an H-index 27 and 2223 Sum of Times Cited in Journal of Citation Reports, JCR, Web of Knowledge). He has filed 3 International Patents on the fabrication of polymeric membranes for water treatment. Recently, he has published 2 books: “Membrane Distillation: Principles and Applications", Elsevier (2011)” and “Membrane Modification: Technology and Applications", CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group (2012) with special interests in developing antifouling nanofiltration membranes and reduction of membrane fouling by polymer surface modification. He has coordinated various national and international projects funded by different institutions (European Union, Spanish Ministry of External Affaires, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, Middle East Desalination Research Center (MEDRC), Abengoa Water, etc.). He has supervised several research studies (9 Ph.D. thesis, 25 master thesis and undergraduate students). He has also supervised various research studies of visiting professors and researchers from different institutions. He is currently member of the European Desalination Society (EDS), the European Membrane Society (EMS) and the North American Membrane Society (NAMS). He has delivered over 40 oral presentations at national and international conferences on membranes and membrane processes and presented 30 posters. He gave various seminars in national and international Universities and Research centres and organized seminar cycles. He is actually member of the editorial board of the Journals: “Desalination”, “Applied Membrane Science & Technology”, “Membrane Water Treatment (MWT)”, “Membranes”, “Polymers”, “Applied Sciences” and "Journal of Materials Science and Nanotechnology". He has recently received the prestigious “Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water” (PSIPW, 5th edition, 2012) on Alternative Water Resources (Saudi Arabia) for his novel and creative work in membrane distillation (MD) technology that he has studied and promoted in all its theoretical and experimental aspects (from membrane synthesis to implementation).

Affiliations and Expertise

Complutense University of Madrid, Spain