Mizi Fan

Mizi Fan

Professor Dr. Mizi Fan is Chair in Low Carbon and Energy Materials and Civil Engineering, Head of Research, Department of Civil Engineering, and Director for the Nanocellulose and Bio-composites Research Centre, Brunel RISE (Research Institute for Sustainable Engineering) and ‘Grow2Build’ European Centre of Excellence at Brunel University, United Kingdom. He teaches all aspects of civil engineering materials, construction and sustainability to undergraduate and postgraduate students, and his principle research interests have included fibre science and technology (nanocellulose, particle and aerogel), composites, recycling and sustainability in construction. He is an author, or co-author, of over 150 technical papers and author of five text books on nano particles, natural fibre composites and new products, and management, recycling and reuse of waste composites. Professor Fan is the editor of five international journals on materials, construction and the environment. He has been the co-ordinator for 12 complex EU FP5, FP6 and FP7 projects and acted as external expert proposal evaluator for the European Commission, and Greek and Austria government departments.

Affiliations and Expertise

Chair in Low Carbon Materials and Civil Engineering, Director, Nanocellulose and Bio Composites Research Centre, Director, Brunel Institute for Sustainable Engineering, School of Engineering and Design, Brunel University London, UK