Miller's Review of Orthopaedics

Miller's Review of Orthopaedics, 7th Edition

Miller's Review of Orthopaedics, 7th Edition,Mark Miller,Stephen Thompson,ISBN9780323355179





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For nearly a quarter century Miller’s Review of Orthopaedics and the accompanying annual Miller Review Course (www.MillerReview.org) have been must-have resources that residents and practitioners have turned to for efficient and effective exam preparation. This 7th Edition continues to provide complete coverage of the field’s most-tested topics, now reorganized to be more intuitive, more user-friendly, and easier to read.

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Key Features

  • Numerous study aids help you ace your exams: a superb art program, including full-color tables, images, and pathology slides; improved concise, bulleted text design; "testable facts" in every chapter; multiple-choice review questions written by experts in the field; and much more.

  • Video clips and SAQs available online for easy access.

Mark Miller


Affiliations and Expertise

S. Ward Casscells Professor, Head, Division of Sports Medicine, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Virginia; Team Physician, James Madison University Founder, Director, Miller Review Course, Denver, Colorado

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Stephen Thompson


Affiliations and Expertise

Cooperating Associate Professor of Sports Medicine, University of Maine, Medical Director, EMMC Sports Health, Deputy Editor, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, Eastern Maine Medical Center Bangor, Maine; Cofounder and Codirector, Miller Review Course Part II, Denver , Colorado

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Miller's Review of Orthopaedics, 7th Edition

1. Basic Science

2. Anatomy

3. Pediatric Orthopaedics

4. Sports Medicine

5. Adult Reconstruction

6. Disorders of the Foot and Ankle

7. Hand, Upper Extremity, and Microvascular Surgery

8. Spine

9. Orthopaedic Pathology

10. Rehabilitation: Gait, Amputations, Prostheses, Orthoses, and Neurologic Injury

11. Trauma

12. Principles of Practice

13. Biostatistics and Research Design

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