Michelle K. Jetha

Michelle K. Jetha

Michelle Jetha is a research associate of the Brock University Centre for Lifespan Development Research, works in the Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab, and teaches at McMaster and Brock Universities. She completed her PhD in 2007, examining electrophysiological responses to social and affective stimuli in individuals with schizophrenia or autism. She has published extensively on these topics, a major review of adolescent EEG/ERP development, and most recently on how shyness influences early brain responses to emotional face stimuli. Jetha completed postdoctoral work at Pennsylvania State University which focused on the identification of trait factors that predispose children to disruptive behavioral disorders. She is currently conducting research with adolescents in collaboration with a Niagara regional mental health agency. Her focus is translational neuroscience involving developmental psychopathology.

Affiliations and Expertise