Michael Ponting

Michael Ponting

Michael Ponting is a co-founder and President of PolymerPlus LLC where he serves as the lead scientist and primary investigator on several microlayered materials technology development programs. A Ph.D. graduate of the Case Western Reserve University Department of Chemical Engineering under Professors Eric Baer, Michael has more than 20 peer reviewed publications and 3 issued patents related to the production and structure property relationships of multilayered polymer film systems. His current research efforts are focused on the development and commercial translation of high value added micro- and nanolayered polymer technologies including nanolayered gradient refractive index optics, nanolayerd dielectric energy storage films and coextrude non-woven nanofibrous materials for filtration applications. Additional research interests include: development of processing technologies for micro- and nanolayered polymer systems, multilayer coextrusion system and die design, polymer structure-property relationships, nanoscale induced polymer optical properties, layer confinement effects for improved gas barrier, and manufacturing scale-up and metrology of nanolayered polymer films.

Affiliations and Expertise

President of PolymerPlus LLC, Ohio, USA