Michael Liu

Michael Liu

Michael Liu is Product Line Manager at Bourns, Inc., Riverside, CA, USA, presently developing high-frequency and high-speed integrated-circuit (IC) packages and interconnections, primarily for customers in automotive, consumer, industrial, and medical industries. He has previously worked at mophie, Universal Electronics, Foxlink International and Extron Electronics, where he invented and implemented the world’s first HDMI-over-single-mode-fiber transceiver, for long-distance high-fidelity multimedia signal transmissions. He offers consultations on product design techniques to companies such as Beats and has co-founded a start-up company, AV Link. Besides a number of academic papers and featured articles for professional journals, Michael compiled a volume titled “Demystifying Switched-Capacitor Circuits” for Elsevier 2007.

Affiliations and Expertise

Product Line Manager, Bourns, Inc., CA, USA